Inspiration For Wedding Photo Booths In 2015

Increasingly, a number of UK weddings in Kent can be seen to hire a photo booth in addition to a professional wedding photographer. You can consider a booth as a place for your guests to goof around and pose in more fun and amusing ways than your photographer would typically capture.

Professional photographers are starting to include the option of a photo booth inside their photography packages for many wedding venues in Kent. As booths become more common couples will want to explore more ways to make their wedding photo booths unique. Lovepear Photography has provided a few suggestions to keep in mind as you plan your UK wedding in Kent. For more information click here.

Create a unique photo booth backdrop

There is a lot of fun to be had in taking portraits and group photos against a fantasy backdrop. Rather than a plain solid colour backdrop, hire a printed canvas to deliver a theme and inspire your guests with matching props. You may also choose to use a trending wedding decor, such as large illuminated letters as part of your backdrop. There are plenty of ideas to be found simply by searching websites like Pinterest.

Go Polaroid.

Why not surprise your guests and add fun to the day, with cute Polaroid cameras that guests can carry around the wedding venue to grab a more varied selection of photos. Your wedding photographer may even be able to process the images for you and include them in your portfolio. The official photographer cannot hope to cover all your guests during a wedding so this is a great way to capture that side of the day. Be sure to encourage guests to pose for a shot with the bride or groom too.

Hire a Silhouette Artist.

Another quirky idea is to hire an expert illustrator who can create personalised artwork for your guests very quickly. This can serve as a personal giveaway to make the wedding event more varied and interesting. You can find such artists at wedding fairs in Kent where you can also check out the quality of their work.

Show guests a secret.

You can use a booth to provide details about you and your partner that your guests might not know. For example, you can provide costumes and props from your favourite movie characters or you can use places you have been to as a young couple. Photos from your childhood could also be used a prop for guests to poke fun at with creative wedding portraits.

Ask for wedding advice.

A fun twist is to ask your guests to write some wedding advice on a whiteboard and have them take a photo holding it up. Be prepared for some silly antics, but this creative approach to get your wedding guests engaged in conversation with each other will really bring a smile to your face. You may even get some genuinely useful wedding tips.



There are hundreds of ways to make a photo booth concept more varied and exciting for both you and your guests. Innovate, experiment and get advice from others who may have already tried it.